October 2015

How you can spot dodgy clients on freelancing sites

There are a lot of freelancing sites out there that can connect you with new clients and potentially provide a great source of revenue. While it is definitely possible to make money from these sites, it’s not as easy as… Continue Reading →

What I learned from my 3 biggest ‘first year’ freelance mistakes

During your first year of freelancing you will make a lot of mistakes; I know I did. From grossly undercharging a client to doing ‘free’ work, it seemed as if my first year of freelancing was full of nothing but… Continue Reading →

How to find a mentor for your freelance business

Do you ever find yourself wondering how so many other freelancers got off the ground? Do you think about what they continue to do to achieve success? Have you ever wished that you could talk with another freelancer who not… Continue Reading →

How freelancers can keep from drowning in email

Email is an absolutely crucial form of communication for freelancers. Not only can it be more convenient than a traditional phone call, it also allows you to have written records of your interactions with clients should the project go south…. Continue Reading →

12 Tips for freelancing contract negotiations

It is absolutely crucial that you use some form of a contract when doing any kind of freelance work. It could be a simple paragraph, or a 12 page document; the important thing is that you are taking the right… Continue Reading →

Kickstarting your freelance career

No one becomes a successful freelancer overnight. It will take some time and a lot of hard work to build a great freelance business. However, it’s important that you don’t stay in one place. I don’t mean geographically, either. If… Continue Reading →

3 Simple freelance tips to structure your workday

If you don’t have some sort of structure built into your work day, you’ll probably find that your productivity is lacking. While there will be some days where it seems as if sticking to a plan is near impossible, it’s… Continue Reading →

3 Magic words for dealing with a deadbeat client

Dealing with a deadbeat client can be anything but fun. You want to get your money, but hiring a lawyer or a collections agency to help with almost certainly end up taking a large portion of what you’re owed. Instead,… Continue Reading →

7 Questions to ask when you’re looking for new freelance clients

It can be very tough looking for new clients. Often times, you spend so much time and effort chasing new leads that when you do finally land them, you’re at a loss of what to ask next. Luckily, Bidsketch has… Continue Reading →

6 Things to know before going freelance

Many people want to start freelancing but aren’t quite sure where to start or what to expect. If you’ve been freelancing for any time at all, you know that it’s necessary you wear many hats. While there are things that… Continue Reading →

3 Rules for working with freelance clients you despise

It can seem extremely hard to work with clients whom you just don’t see eye to eye with. If you miss the red flags early on and are stuck working with a client who you despise, that doesn’t mean that… Continue Reading →

4 Client red flags freelancers need to watch for

One amazing aspect of freelancing is that it’ll allow you to meet all kinds of people. You’ll absolutely love working with some clients and will be excited every single time that want to start a new project. There will be… Continue Reading →

Conquer your fear of selling your freelance services

While freelancing involves you wearing a lot of hats, being a “salesperson” is one that isn’t commonly talked about. Selling your services to people can be very scary. However, it doesn’t have to be. Bidsketch has written a fantastic in-depth… Continue Reading →

The ultimate guide to freelancing success

This article by Bidsketch is a must read! I’m sure you’ve all read several articles and books, watched a lot of videos, and probably even listened to some audio in a effort to grow your freelance business. However, many of… Continue Reading →

8 reasons freelancers can’t “afford” a budget photographer

A while ago, a friend of mine decided to hire a photographer for their wedding who offered them an amazing deal. They spoke with me about doing all of the post-processing of the photos so that they could save even… Continue Reading →

4 essential freelance tools for working remotely

One of the greatest aspects of freelancing is that you’re not tied down to one specific location. Want to work from home? You can do that. Thinking about working from the park? No problem. What about going on a month… Continue Reading →

How these 12 freelance business owners earn $100K/year

It’s great to learn from the example of others. Freelancers have to figure out a lot on their own, but it’s also equally important to look at other successful people in or near your field to see what you can… Continue Reading →

How to build routines that keep your freelance business on track

We all seem to easily get into routines. Whether it’s for work, home, or even the gym, it seems as if it doesn’t take much to create and set into a routine. If you can create a positive routine for… Continue Reading →

Should you be friends with your freelance clients?

It’s a question that seems to be pretty common among freelancers: should you be friends with your clients? The answer: absolutely you can, but you need to be careful. It can often be hard freelancing for you actual friends as… Continue Reading →

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