Having the internet in your hands at all times is a huge advantage to your freelance business.

If you get an urgent email from a client, you can respond immediately. If you find a solid lead that you want to jump on, you can do that too.

However, having so much information available at all times can be a huge barrier.

Creative Live offers some great insight on how you can overcome that barrier and help your business grow.

“If you have few minutes to wait for the bus, what is your routine — do you check your Instagram one more time or do you spend it brainstorming on your creative project? No matter how many people may answer the latter, we know the former’s far more likely. Which does make sense — humans don’t do well at focusing on a daunting project when a clock is ticking. They get nervous, frustrated almost immediately, and they think, “I can’t really do anything important in just a few minutes.”

And it is true that to really move forward creatively you do need some sustained time where you can turn off the phone, unplug the internet and focus your mind. You can’t create something by only relying on five-minute snippets. But that doesn’t mean they’re not important. In fact, by using those spare minutes to skip Facebook and think about your project, you are giving your creative side a powerful tool.”

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