With today’s technology, freelancers can work with anyone in the world from the comfort of your own home.

From freelancing job sites to your personal website, the opportunities available to find and land new clients seem limitless.

However, often times freelancers overlook the vast amount of potential clients that are available to them locally.

Tuts+ has put together a great article that will help you win over those local clients and it all starts with some “old school” networking.

1. Network Like It’s 1999

“Social networking” now means Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like, but often the most powerful social networks are those in your own life, in your local area.

Let’s say you’re a graphic designer. It’s almost guaranteed that lurking somewhere in your circle of friends, family and friends of friends is someone who needs some professional design work done. But if you don’t talk about what you do, they may never know.

So the first and easiest way to find clients is simply to talk about yourself, in a non-pushy, non-salesy way. Let your friends know that you’re a freelancer, and ask them if they know anyone who needs work done. Show up at local events, whether or not they’re directly connected with what you do. Chat with other parents at the school gate, or with your neighbors at the local barbecue.

You may feel uncomfortable “selling” yourself to your friends, but if you do it in a light, informal way and don’t put any pressure on them, you’ll find that most people are happy to help out, either by hiring you or by referring you to another potential client. There’s nothing most people like more than being able to help out a friend.”

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