Deadlines are absolutely necessary for freelancers and clients alike.

They help both parties know when to expect a completed project and can prevent a project from dragging on.

Sometimes though, deadlines are your worst enemy.

You might have dropped the ball on the project or maybe a big unforeseen life event happened which is causing you to miss your deadline.

Never fear though! Your deadline can be renegotiated and Outsourced Freelancing Success is here to help.

“How to Renegotiate Your Deadlines

  • Be proactive. Check your schedule ahead of time to ensure that you’re not loading yourself up. If you see you’ve got a conflict or you’ve over-committed, then you’re in a position to reach out to your client well ahead of time. I recommend checking your projects every Monday.
  • If you see a conflict or something comes up, the quickest way to renegotiate a deadline is to simply ask! If you don’t ask, then you definitely won’t get anything. Communication is key when dealing with clients and remembering that they are human helps too
  • Don’t send an email, pick up the phone (or Skype) and call them. This is something that should be communicated quickly and emails can get lost. You should follow up with an email to confirm the details you’ve spoken about and if you need to make any changes to the contract, this is when you’d also include them.
  • If the reason for extending the deadline is on your end, then offering a slight discount for the hassle/inconvenience can go a long way, like dropping the tax amount. It’s the gesture that counts.”

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