A newsletter can be a fantastic way to land more clients and grow your business.

However, in order for it to be affective, you need people to actually read it.

By sending out relevant and insightful content on a regular schedule, you can greatly increase your chances of people opening your emails and clicking through them.

But there is one part of an email that will ultimately determine whether or not someone will open it – the subject line.

Creative Live has put together an amazing article that will help you write the best subject lines and have more clients reading your emails.

“One of my favorite pieces of advice April urges you to do before sending an email campaign, is to email yourself a test and see how the subject line compares with all of the other marketing emails sitting in your inbox.

Would you click on your email? Does it offer something more compelling than all the other emails sitting in your inbox? How does reading your subject line make you feel?

Asking yourself these questions will help you judge whether or not your subject line is going to be a winner with your audience.

Beyond that, April gives her 4 top tips on how to write subject lines that’ll drive more engagement with your community. Here they are:

  1. Make a Promise: Here’s an example, “You’ll Double Your Blog Readership with These 10 Tips.”
  2. Highlight a Benefit: Here’s an example, “Learn to Write a Headline Your Twitter Followers Actually Click.”
  3. Appeal to Your Reader’s Emotions: Here’s an example, “Why I Gave Up Thousands of Blog Readers and Started Over.”
  4. Appeal to Your Reader’s Curiosity: Here’s an example, “The Reason No One Comments on Your Blog Posts.”

All of these email subject line examples tug at different core desires and peak my interest. Check out April’s class on Doubling Your Followers and get more of her strategies on not just building your audience, but driving meaningful engagement within your community.”

See the entire article at Creative Live.