When you think about growing your business, dropping your clients is probably the last thing on your mind.

It seems counterintuitive. How would getting rid of clients help you build your career?

For starters, you probably have a client or two (or three) that completely hinders your workflow and productivity. Their projects are exciting and they’re not the best client but they help pay the bills.

Is that really the best type of client to work with? Could you put that time and energy to use towards more effective means?


Freelancers Union offers some incredible insight on how you can begin to grow your business by getting rid of your clients.

“Rookies to the world of freelance may think otherwise, but growing your business by simply adding more and more clients is not the way to go.

At first it may seem like a great idea. But eventually, you’ll realize that signing up for energy-draining and money-pinching contracts is merely a waste of time.

It’s not really the contract that is to blame. Let’s face it: The client is the money pincher, soul-crusher, and ego-buster.

I know what it feels like being a hungry freelance blogger.  You’re willing to accept almost any and every offer you receive.

In such a competitive field with an ever-growing number of workers, who would be willing to offer you work for a more than decent pay, right?

Wrong. What’s missing in the numbers is the ever-increasing number of clients in the field as well.

According to Benrmatthews, freelance consultant and digital expert, “Twice as many freelancers have seen an increase in demand in the past year as have seen a decrease – 32% experienced an increase versus 15% who have seen a decrease”

In other words, the playing field is wide and we freelancers have options: yes or no.”

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