Landing clients with cold emails may not be the most successful tactic a freelancer has ever used but it can and does work.

The reason that many freelancers fail to land clients this way is that the fail to remember that the person on the other end of that email is indeed a person.

Email is tricky as it has the potential to create a disconnect between yourself and whoever is on the receiving end.

That’s why if you want to start actually landing clients with cold emails, you need to do your research and make it personal.

“3. Make it Personal.

Before reaching out to a potential client, take some time to really do your homework on them.

Can you learn anything about their personal interests or advantageous details about their business from browsing through their websites and social media accounts?

One of my best long term client relationships started with the subject line, “A Mutual Love for Animals and Content Marketing.”

Because I took the time to research that client, and discovered that they post tons of dog pictures on Instagram (which I loved), I was able to reach out with a much more personal touch.

I also highly recommend using first names in your emails, as calling someone Mr. or Mrs. So-and-So instantly places a professional barrier between the two of you. Nothing shows relevance as much as personal connection.”

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