Crafting the perfect freelance proposal is not easy.

Too often, freelancers make the mistake of focusing so much on the core of the proposal that they neglect the entrance to it.

How you start off your proposal sets the stage and can truly make or break it.

That’s why Ryan Robinson suggests that you make a strong entrance when writing your proposal.

In his amazing article, Ryan will walk you through a perfect proposal step by step to ensure that you start landing clients in no time.

“1. Making a Strong Entrance.

What are you doing to wow them straight out the gates? What makes your email different from everybody else throwing their hat into the ring for this gig?

A captivating entrance that excites, shows you did your research, and delivers actual value, is what will kindle an immediate interest in your potential client’s mind. If you’re able to reach this potential client quickly after they’ve posted their request for help, you’ll significantly increase your chances of landing the job.

If you’re a freelance writer sending an email to open up a line of communication with a potential client for your blog post writing services, start with a subject line like, “My 6 Steps to Driving Traffic for [Company Name].” This gives them the instant recognition that you’ve already spent some time laying out a proposed strategy, and that you’ve likely done your homework on their business & industry.”

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