We’ve all experienced direct marketing of some kind.

Most of you have probably received a form of direct marketing to your mailbox.

Does it ever work on you? Have you ever tried using direct marketing for your business?

While I’ve never tried direct marketing for my freelance business, this article by Bidsketch has me thinking otherwise.

They show you 5 effective marketing strategies that you can use to build your freelance business.

5. Make a Valuable Offer (and Sweeten the Deal)

“What’s in it for me?”

That’s the question on everyone’s mind whenever they come across an ad. No matter your target audience or industry, everyone is wondering if it’s in their best interest to pay attention to what you have to say… or move on to something else.

This is why direct response copywriting legend Gary Halbert, proposing a hypothetical situation to his students about opening up a hamburger restaurant, counted a “starving crowd” as the best advantage you could have.

In other words: your advertising is only as effective as the offer beneath it. You could have the most persuasive copy in the world. But if the underlying offer is weak or irrelevant, you won’t land many clients.

On the other hand, you can have horrible web copy and still land a lot of clients if you’re presenting them with an irresistible offer. It it just makes too much sense to act – if it’s a “no brainer” deal – the sky is the limit.

The most successful direct marketers of all time understood this. They didn’t just offer a product or service with some nice copy. They focused on increasing the value of that offer by throwing in premium add ons, related offers, and special bonuses until people couldn’t help but respond.”

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