We all continue to strive to be better freelancers.

While you may find yourself focusing on the big things that you should be doing to better yourself and your business, there are lots of little things that shouldn’t be overlooked.

After all, the little things will add up and if you continue to ignore them, you could find your freelance business in dangerous waters.

If you want to be a better freelance and be able to get your clients what they need faster, you might want to try organizing your files.

Use sensible file names

A surefire way to drive yourself to insanity

Ever received an email from a client asking if you can “just resend your most recent invoice’”, only to find yourself in a fit of sweaty rage two hours later, cursing your filing system to the depths of hell?

Avoid clammy snafus such as this by implementing sensible file structures and naming conventions – and keep your clients in mind too. If all of Acme Inc.’s freelancers sent them invoices named “Acme Invoice 2013″, then finding your particular invoice on their system is going to be a bit tricky, yes?”

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