I think you probably know that money doesn’t grow on trees and it isn’t necessarily easy to come by.

For freelancers specifically, saving money is probably always at the front of your mind.

But what areas do you focus on when trying to save money? I’m guessing that you probably look at your business mainly, with little focus on factors outside of freelancing.

However, it’s important that you try to save money in all areas of your work and life.

Whether it’s business or personal, one fantastic way to save money is to stay away from reoccurring payments.

1. Steer clear of periodic and recurring payments

Nothing eats into your finances more than recurring payments, especially the ones you don’t really need.

Check all your present expenses: If anyone of them requires that you pay every month, weigh its importance. If you can do without it, then take it off your list.

Always try to go for one-off payments. You can use the simple Mint.com app to track your expenses and know which ones are taking a toll on your finances.”

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