It’s great to set goals for your freelance business.

Doing so gives you something to work toward; something beyond just making enough to pay each month’s bills.

Maybe your goal is to land 1 new client a month or to be able to take a month long vacation each year.

Whatever your goals are, it always seems as if we never fully achieve them.

If you want to reach your biggest goals, try set up some small challenges for yourself that work towards those goals.

4. Make progress towards that goal through one-off challenges, or ‘games’ that we set for ourselves, many with a clear deadline.

The way I see it is that humans are not built to reach goals, they’re built to overcome challenges. As such, we want to be setting ourselves up to come alive in the face of challenge, not tedious ‘goals’.

These challenges should be things that test us over a short period – it could be days or months – in a way that excites us and motivates us to take it to completion.

For example: “Challenge #1: I write 1000 words of quality fiction every day without fail within 45 days, by [date]

I recently set myself the challenge of writing a full 100-page book for one of my courses (How to Get Illustration Clients) within a week.

Normally this is something that would take me months. Focusing solely on that project for that week, with no other distractions, knowing that I needed to prove to myself – if anyone – that it could be done, got me a major win in a very short time.”

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