Having a newsletter is a great way to build your freelance business while educating your audience about what makes you better than the competition.

You could use your newsletter to give an inside look at your process, talk about something new in your field, or even advertise a specific product or service you offer.

However, if you want anyone to actually read your newsletter, it’s extremely important that you publish it on a regular schedule.

Now, that schedule doesn’t have to be daily, weekly, or even bi-weekly; it could be month. The important thing is simply that you do it regularly.

Here’s what Freelancers Union has to say as to why it needs to be a regular thing.

And that’s hard…

… It’s hard because you’re always worrying about when to write again.

… It’s hard because when you do write, it’s an unfamiliar chore.

… It’s hard because your writing never gets very good.

Think about it. If you had to write a newsletter every single day, you’d sure be fast and you’d sure become good.

And you wouldn’t spend even a minute negotiating with yourself about when you had to do the next one. Or agonizing over whether today’s was absolutely perfect.

You’d wake up, write something while drinking your morning coffee, click click and out the door it goes.”

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