September 2015

How you can raise your freelance rates by 20%

Raising your rates can be a difficult thing for any freelancer, regardless of how much experience you may have. Before you make the decision to raise your rates, you need to be absolutely sure that you’re doing so to allow… Continue Reading →

5 ways for freelancers to get inspired

Sometimes, as hard as you might try, it seems as if inspiration is something that will never come. You could spend hours reading books, looking at pictures, watching movies, going for walks, etc., and still you come up empty handed…. Continue Reading →

How to amaze your freelance clients

How hard do you work to amaze your clients? I’m not talking about doing what you normally do for every client or even going above the norm for them. I’m talking about doing something truly amazing for them; giving them… Continue Reading →

3 symptoms of freelance burnout

If left unchecked, freelance burnout can very easily seep into other areas of your personal life and potentially kill your freelance career. That’s why it’s so important to recognize the signs of freelance burnout early on. If you can understand… Continue Reading →

It costs (almost) nothing to start freelancing

One great thing about freelancing is that you can get your business started for fairly cheap, especially when compared to other professions. You probably won’t have any overhead costs (for a while) and won’t need to pay any employees; you’re… Continue Reading →

Tips for pricing your work like a freelance pro

How to price your work is something that is often talked about among freelancers, and with good reason. What you charge for your services is key if you want to not only start a freelance business, but also grow it…. Continue Reading →

How to build credibility as a freelancer

Building credibility as a freelancer is no easy task. While there are many ways that you can show potential clients that you’re the right person to work with, there are a few methods that stand out above the rest. Testimonials… Continue Reading →

Simple budgeting tips for freelancers

Most freelancers are not also accountants. It can be hard to create a budget, let alone actually stick to it. Luckily, Freelancers Union has some great and simple budgeting tips that all freelancers need to read. “1. Keep it simple… Continue Reading →

How freelancers can continually increase their skill set

As a freelancer, it’s important to continually work on improving your current skills while also learning new things. Unfortunately, it can be difficult and costly to do so. While there are a ton of free classes and videos on the… Continue Reading →

How to create a simple one-page freelance business plan

When I first got serious about my business, I sought help from a local business development center. I was thrilled that they offered their services for free and seemed enthusiastic about helping me get off the ground. One of the… Continue Reading →

Pricing your freelance projects on their value

Many freelancers, myself included, tend to use a hourly-based system of pricing when they first start out. In the beginning, that type of pricing strategy is the easiest to calculate and seems to make the most sense. However, is charging… Continue Reading →

How I built a freelance career while traveling the world

Freelancing has many benefits and here at The Freelance Report, we work hard to show you the best aspects of freelancing. However, one aspect that doesn’t get talked about too much is the fact that freelancers have the ability to… Continue Reading →

4 secrets for freelancers to get hired (and hired back)

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a secret formula that you could use to land and retain clients? All that you would have to do is A, B, and C and it’s guaranteed that you get the client. Although… Continue Reading →

“More” is not a freelance business plan

Do you have a developed plan to grow your freelance business? Perhaps you think you do, but have you really put the time and effort into it that your plan deserves? Often times, freelancers’ business plans only include “more.” I… Continue Reading →

Start your freelance side job in 30 days or less

Regardless of if you’ve already got an established freelancing business or are thinking about diving in to it, freelancing usually starts out as a part time side-gig. Getting started with that side-gig is often the hardest part. Luckily, Outsourced Freelancing… Continue Reading →

6 steps to kickstart your freelance fail

As a freelancer, you tend to learn a lot of things on your own. While that is absolutely necessary, it unfortunately leads to some fails. However, it’s not that you fail that matters; it’s how you handle those fails. So,… Continue Reading →

How to take a real vacation as a freelancer

With most 9-5 jobs, taking a vacation is as easy as making sure you have enough vacation days available to take off. As a freelancer, that’s simply not the case. Not only do you not have actual “vacation days,” you… Continue Reading →

5 things to consider before becoming a freelance web professional

So, you’ve been thinking about becoming a freelance web professional. That’s fantastic! But, have you really considered what that means; what it’ll take to successfully do it? If you try to jump right in without doing your research, you run… Continue Reading →

Take your freelance career to the next level with these amazing tips

We are all constantly trying to better ourselves and better our freelancing business. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to freelancing or if you’re a seasoned veteran, the goal is to always make your business better. If you’ve been… Continue Reading →

A freelancers guide to basic bookkeeping

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not very good at bookkeeping. I do well enough to get by, but I know there is a lot of room for improvement. I would safely bet that I’m not the… Continue Reading →

Why freelancers need to follow up

How often have you met someone at a networking event, or maybe even someone at the supermarket, and you strike about a conversation with them about what you do. You leave them with your business card or get some contact… Continue Reading →

How freelancers can break through creative block

Although it comes with the territory, creative block can be an extremely hard part of freelancing. Often times, you try to just push through it with hopes that something will spark an idea and your creativity will begin to flow… Continue Reading →

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