Freelancing takes a lot of hard work and isn’t always easy.

Although you aren’t confined to the “normal” 9-5 schedule, freelancing can lead to a lot of late nights and long weekends.

Even if you manage to stick with a close to normal schedule, there are still many other aspects of freelancing that can lead to a big loss of motivation.

Luckily, Millo offers some great advice that will help you stay motivated.

“Force progress in small time increments

Set a timer for 30 minutes (15 if that’s too daunting) and require yourself to work until the timer goes off.

No Facebook. No bathroom break. No snack food.


When the timer goes off, allow yourself a break of 20% of your work time.

Rinse. Repeat. (If necessary: often you’ll find that getting started was the hard part.)”

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