Growing your freelance brand takes a lot of hard work.

Often times, it’s extremely easy to get wrapped up in everything that you should be doing. The result can be nothing short of insanity.

Luckily, Tuts+ has some great advice on how you can grow your business and not lose your sanity, and it all starts with setting a goal.

Step 1: Set Your Goal

Taking up your BB (for big brand, that is) Gun, I want you to point it in the direction of your next brand goal. That’s code, by the way, for downloading your free Brand Aim Workbook and completing the first exercise, shown in the picture below.

Is there a new direction in which you want to take your brand or a goal you want to accomplish but don’t know how to? For example: if you’re a photographer who’s been photographing a bit of everything, you may now want to focus your brand on just one type of photography, such as wedding photography, or newborn photography, or artistic portraits. The problem? You don’t know how to shift your brand focus from the generalist to the specialist without facing a big gap in your bookings.”

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