Many freelancers become worried about competition.

However, it’s very possible that you’re worried about the wrong type of competition.

Freelancers will often compare themselves to other freelancers: setting the rates similar to other freelancers, using the same marketing tactics, or even going after the same types of clients.

While you can technically call other freelancers your competition, they’re definitely not the competition you should be thinking about.

Instead, you need to be thinking about the big agencies and how you can compete with them.

Luckily, Millo has a fantastic article that will help you compete with the “big guys” even if it’s just you.

#1: Let NOTHING (n-o-t-h-i-n-g) slip through the cracks.

If you think freelancing or running a creative agency has a lot of competition, try Googling “PSD to HTML.” Our creative agency’s new “design to code” service, Reliable, has an insane amount of competition out there.

But by following this tip alone, we’ve been able to pick up a good number of clients from bigger, more established competitors – and keep them.

Let me explain…

As agencies grow, they often experience “growing pains.” They get more requests for proposals than they can handle. They get more emails and phone calls for support than they can handle. They get more projects than they can handle.

What does this mean? Clients slip through the cracks.

Deadlines are nowhere near met. Customer satisfaction is hit or miss. Whether or not their work is even good is hit or miss too.

This is great news for you. 

Read the full article at Millo.