So many freelancers focus solely on landing clients that when it comes time to say goodbye, they’re not exactly sure how to handle the situation.

Yes, saying goodbye to a client isn’t something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it also shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

It’s important to remember that 99% of the time, if you’re saying goodbye to a client, it is purely a business decision.

“While freelancers tend to view the end of client relationships in stark and negative terms, most businesses take them as a matter of course, and not necessarily permanent.

It’s just business, it’s not personal. There is scarcely a client in the world who believes you would always be working for them, forever, ad infinitum.

Unless you signed a contract in your own blood, it’s perfectly reasonable to eventually move on from any given client.

Since this is indeed a minor dilemma, make sure to approach it in a cordial, polite, calm way.

Don’t inject any unnecessary tension or melodrama into the situation, and resist the urge to overshare (“I’m leaving you because my new client pays me more” is not a great phrase to use, for example).

There are MANY good ways to say “goodbye” professional, but a quick, friendly, vaguely regretful phone call or email is probably easiest.”

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