Throughout your entire freelance career you’ll be receiving (and hopefully giving) advice.

While a large part of freelance must be figured out on your own, even small amounts of advice can play a huge role in the growth of your business and you should be eager to receive it.

RecurVoice has a fantastic post that you shouldn’t miss. It’s full of amazing and practical advice that all freelancers should take into account.

When talking about financial stability, a bit of advice that stood out to me was the focus on building an actual relationship with the client; being like a partner to them.

That alone can turn into a steady source of income which will allow you to build your business.

Check out one of RecurVoices awesome tips below and be sure to read the full post.

“Financial stability is a real concern for freelancers, but the easiest way to ensure your own is by working for longer periods of time with the same clients and building business relationships with them. You should be the first person they think about when they have a particular job. By investing yourself in a client’s business and being clear that you are their partner — not a laborer — you can build a sense of collaboration that’ll ensure repeat business. If you do great work and are genuinely interested in your client’s success, they will keep coming back to you. Make them look good, communicate graciously, and look for additional services you can offer to take work off their plate (for a charge). Remember, you can bill more hours if you don’t have to look for new clients.”

Check out the full post here.