We all want to be more productive. Even on good days when you get a lot done, you’re probably wishing that you had done more.

Being productive isn’t just about getting more done, it’s about doing things more efficiently and getting the most out of the time you have.

There are a lot of great productivity tips out there and I’ve shared quite a bit of them with you.

However, this productivity article by Bidsketch is a little different (in a good way) than anything else i’ve seen before.

If you find yourself having a hard time staying productive, the first thing that you need to address is your foundation.

“1. Get Clear on Your Ideal Future

It might seem weird to start off a list of productivity tips with a “big picture” mental exercise. It just doesn’t seem practical at first blush.

But it’s key in unlocking your productivity. Productivity systems dive into details, but many don’t address the foundation.

And that foundation is this:

You’ll never be as productive as you want to be until the vision for your ideal future is clear.

A lot of us struggle through our work and chalk it up to a lack of discipline. That couldbe what’s making things so difficult. Or, you might be trying to force yourself down a path that doesn’t align with your deepest goals.

Your brain is like a teenager. It doesn’t want to do anything just because it “should” be doing it. So it rebels against hollow, unfulfilling work. You end up stressing, procrastinating, and all kinds of other destructive stuff.

So take an hour or a day (or as long as it takes) to get clear on your ideal future, professionally and personally.”

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