During your time as a freelancer, you’re going to form habits of all kinds.

Some habits will be extremely good and will actually work for your business instead of against it.

However, you’ll probably form some bad habits as well.

One great way to avoid developing those bad habits is by forming good ones as soon as possible.

Good habits will not only make your day and business run smoother, but they’ll greatly help you on your path to success.

Freelancers Union lists 6 habits of successful freelancers that you should work on developing.

Habit #1 is one that I started doing about a year and a half ago and I watched my productivity soar because of it.

Make a fresh to-do list every day.

Writing down what needs to be done, not only helps to keep you focused and stay on target, but it helps you feel productive and accomplished when you get to cross the items off the list. ”

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