Most of the time it’s fantastic to get client feedback and/or direction.

However, too much direction can easily turn into micromanagement.

Having a client micromanage a project is extremely frustrating and has the potential to ruin the project all together.

Freelancers Union has some fantastic tips that will help you address and ultimately, deal with a freelance client who loves to micromanage.

2:  Establish trust

One of the biggest reasons that clients micromanage is because they either don’t trust themselves to manage a particular project, or worse, they don’t trust you to complete it correctly.

  • Present yourself professionally from the start, make sure that your website and other forms of social media are a good representation of you and your work.
  • Anticipate your clients needs and work to really understand and address any issues that arise. Work to build a relationship with the client that is centered around mutual respect and effective communication.”

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