Finding an ‘anchor’ client can be extremely beneficial for freelancers.

For starters, you’ll have consistent work month to month. You’ll also have the opportunity to build a good relationship with this client which can lead to referrals.

Actually finding an ‘anchor’ client is a challenge in itself though. Not every single client who comes your way will have a steady amount of work or a large enough budget to be an ‘anchor’ client.

However, if you target your marketing towards your ideal ‘anchor’ clients, then you might be surprised how quick they’ll come around.

“Now that you know what type of client you’re trying to attract, the next step is to build a portfolio that speaks to that specific market. That means showcasing examples of the type of work you have done that would solve the common problems your ideal clients face.

Susan reviewed all the work she had done over the previous three years and picked pieces that showed off her ability to create memorable, professional brands for small tech firms. Importantly, Susan also came up with a new pricing structure based on clients retaining her to do ongoing design work for a monthly fee, and she communicated this new costing in all her marketing materials.”

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