If you plan on creating and growing a successful freelance business, then a portfolio is a must-have.

A solid portfolio can not only give clients a good idea of what you do, but you can build your portfolio to attract the type of clients you want to work for.

No all portfolios are created equal, though.

If you want your portfolio to stand out among the crowd, then you definitely need to check out these awesome tips from Creative Live.

1. Your Specialty.

Translation: what you do. However, it’s not just the things you have the most experience with.

Your portfolio is your chance to shape what you’d like to be known for… even if you’re not known for it *yet*.

Whatever it is, get specific about your specialty. Titles like “digital marketer” or “graphic designer” are vague, but “content marketer” or “logo designer” helps narrow clients down to the ones you really want.

This allows you to define your “place” in a big industry.

Moreover, this vets potential clients, and may help save you time from getting irrelevant propositions for work you are not interested in or cannot do.”

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