When many freelancers first begin freelancing, they don’t have a business plan.

And for the time being, that may be okay. However, as you develop and grow your freelance business further, you find yourself wondering just exactly what type of business do you want to be?

Do you have a target audience? What is your mission statement? Where would you like to see your freelance business going?

While you can definitely figure out a business plan after your freelance business is started, having one near the beginning will greatly help you grow your business right from the start.

Regina Anaejionu has been helping creatives just like yourself develop strong business plans for their freelance business and has some amazing free resources that are available to use.

From business plan outlines to budget spreadsheets and even a for to help you determine your target audience, these are some free resources you don’t want to miss out on.

Head on over to Regina’s website and be sure to watch the video. Click on the the links below to access the amazing free resources that she’s offered.

Check out your Ideal Target Audience Worksheet, take a look at the Workflow Organizer, dive into your budget spreadsheet, or see the entire business plan outline.