Freelancers tend to set a lot of goals; and that’s completely a good thing!

In order to be successful and grow your business, you need to have goals. Without goals, you have nothing to strive for; nothing to work towards; no motivation.

However, it can be detrimental to your freelance business if you set too many goals. Doing so can make all of the goals seem unattainable, leaving you paralyzed at exactly what to do.

An easy solution to avoid that is to simply prioritize your goals. Creative Live has a fantastic post that can help you do just that and it all starts with a simple list.

List your goals

Take some time to write out a list of all your goals: those that you are working on now and those that you have yet to begin. Doing this kind of list analysis always works better for me on paper than on screen, but you can also use a list or organizing app like Trello. Number the list so you can see exactly how many goals you’ve been trying to squeeze into your life. Keep writing until there’s nothing else you can come up with, and I mean nothing. Shocked yet?

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