What do you think your brand is? How do you think your brand is perceived? Could you be sending the wrong message?

Having a strong brand is crucial as a freelancer. Often times, your brand is the first impression clients get of you, so it needs to be clear and accurately convey who you are and what you do.

Many freelancers tend to think of their brand as just their logo. However, a brand is so much more.

“Your brand isn’t your logo. As a self-employed freelancer, you are your brand.”

A logo alone does not define your brand, it’s also your website, your business cards, your marketing, your work, you interaction with clients, the experiences that you give them, your social media, and much, much more.

The embodiment of your personal brand comes down to everything you do. It’s who you are as a person and what you choose to share with the world.”

How exactly do you build your brand in a way that accurately reflects who you are?

Your Freelance Career has written an amazing post that will help you understand the effects of your brand and learn how to enhance it.

How to enhance your personal brand by focusing inward

As a freelancer, you’re going to feel like you’re competing in a saturated market. And in ways you are. There are countless other freelance designers, programmers, and writers out there.

It’s easy to feel self-doubt when there are so many other better, more successful freelancers doing exactly what you would like to do.

But what they don’t have is you and your life experiences. Everyone’s story is different, and this isn’t something that can be mimicked.

Rather than dwell on those better than you (because there will always be someone better than you), focus on yourself instead.

What makes your work different is you. Cheesy, but it’s the honest truth.

Your skills and experience aren’t what shapes you – it’s your personality and the unique touch you give to the work you do that makes you stand out from the rest.”

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