It can be incredibly easy to let an overly busy mind kill your productivity.

You’ve got so many thoughts, tasks, and who knows what else tumbling around in your head that if you don’t find a way to “dump” them, you’ll remain distracted (and unproductive.)

There are many (successful) methods that you can use to increase your productivity. However, I’ve found that the thought of implementing some of these methods can, at times, be overwhelming and actually cause you to be less productive.

Sometimes, increasing your productivity can be as simple as making to-do lists (and yes, implementing other productivity methods can be part of your to-do lists.)

Rule #3: Make to-do lists.

(Yes, you’re seeing that right…lists with an s.)

Again, it’s all about freeing your mind for things that only your brain can do. Things like design a new logo, write new copy for your website, or have a great Lego-building session with your kids.

The first step is to do a brain dump of all the “to-dos” rattling around in your head. (This list is going to be long.) It doesn’t matter if the items are personal or business-related. You can sort them later if you want to. Just get ’em outta there!

I keep this first list on my phone, both because I can refer to it when running errands and because “to-dos” pop into my head all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously, I might be walking through Target and add to the list, or when inspiration wakes me up at 3am.

The second list is your specific down-and-dirty to-do list.”

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