Cold-calling a client is not an easy thing to do by any means.

When doing so, it’s extremely important that you have everything prepared to perfection.

Cold-calling through email is great because it allows you to attach files, links, and get everything just right. But what exactly is “everything?”

Creative Live has written a fantastic article that will help you write everything you need for the perfect cold email that will land the client.

One important aspect that is commonly overlooked is research. You want to make an amazing first impression; and what better way to do that then to show the client that you do your homework?

If you want to land clients through cold emails, then you can’t afford to leave out the research.

Do Your Research.

It pays off to be personal and research whom you’re targeting. If you’re emailing an editor at Seventeen, you’d want to sign up for Media Bistro’s Avant Guild to find out exactly who to pitch, when to pitch it, and what he or she is looking for in a pitch. Many brands have monthly editorial themes, and if you don’t reach out with a topic within that theme, you may never hear back.

As for the tone of your email, be as respectful as possible. You shouldn’t come off like you’re simply emailing this person to get something out of him or her. Seek to provide value. State why you’re emailing up front, and remember that it never hurts to start (and) end the email by complimenting your recipient on his or her work.”

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