Freelancing can get lonely at times.

If you can find ways to connect with other freelancers, you can build an amazing network of support and people you can go to for questions, to bounce ideas off of, and more.

Actually finding other freelancers to connect with can prove somewhat difficult though.

Attending classes in your field is not only a great way to learn new skills and make your business more valuable, you can also find other like-minded freelancers that you can connect with.

3. Attend Classes Relating to Your Field.

It’s never a bad idea to continue your education in your field. Aside from improving upon your skills, classes provide great opportunities for meeting professionals in your niche. Look up which classes are being held at your local community college or state school, or see if your city has any local businesses that hold workshops. For example, NYC has Gotham Writers Workshop while MaRS, based in Toronto, Ontario, offers workshops on startup pitching and ecommerce for entrepreneurs, as well as advice from mentors.”

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