Could what you say actually cheapen your freelance services? It’s very possible.

You meticulously work on client work making sure every detail is perfect; so why wouldn’t you do the same for your language?

There are 6 words that you need to avoid using if you want to see your freelance business grow.

The first word may seem innocent at first, but upon further examination, telling your client that “cost” of their project isn’t the way to go.


Better word: Investment

Cost is a dirty word in business. Clients hear the word “cost” and see dollar signs bleeding out of their bank accounts. They see less profit, and they feel the negative emotional hit.

But your services aren’t just costs for cost’s sake. They’re investments with the goal of increasing your clients’ revenue (likely). Investments merge value and expense by allowing the client to weigh input and outcome as one concept rather than two.”

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