It can be challenge to grow your freelance business while you work on multiple projects and manage your day to day activities.

You need to have some time set aside where you specifically focus on growing your business if you want to see your business succeed. Unfortunately, finding that time can be extremely difficult.

That’s why I love this tip from Outsourced Freelancing Success. Getting referrals from your clients does not involve a huge time commitment and referrals are one of the most common ways freelancers land clients.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start getting referrals today!

“#3: Implement a Referral System

This strategy is pretty simple. It’s all about asking for referrals.

Over the past three years, I’ve received 90% of new business via referrals. Which is why it’s so important to develop long-term relationships with your clients.

But it’s not just your clients that you should be asking for referrals. You should be asking your network and peers as well.

Let people know what you’re up to regularly and that you’ve got a referral program in place where you’ll offer them a referral fee for any successful clients that sign a contract with you.

Make this a flat fee; it could be $50 or $100, whatever is comfortable for you to choose. It’s a great incentive and it sticks in peoples’ minds when they are asked for recommendations.

Leave some of your business cards with your clients so that they can hand them out to people they know locally.”

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