Writing successful and solid contracts is not always easy.

After all, most freelancers are not lawyers. However, freelancers still find themselves in a position where they need to write a contract themselves.

When you finally sit down and begin writing your contract, what do you include? How exactly should you determine what is important?

Millo is here to help with a great article that will explain the right contract terms to use in order to keep you safe.

Including a clause in your contract about a deposit is extremely important. It’s not only a great way to determine how serious a client is, but it also provides you with security knowing that if the client disappears, at least you won’t walk away empty handed.


A deposit is an amount (often a percent of the total project estimate) that is paid up front, before you begin work. This is a great way to gauge how serious your client is about a project and gives you a level of security. ( A client who doesn’t want to pay a deposit might be one who’s going to fight you on the final bill as well. ) If you never work without a deposit, you will always get paid, even if a project falls through. This bring us to the next point.”

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