It’s becoming more and more apparent to many freelancers that several of the methods that were thought to increase productivity, may in fact hurt it. The idea of multitasking is a prime example of this.

Because of this, we all continue to strive to be more productive.

It’s a fairly simple formula: Better productivity = more work completed = more projects = more income.

It’s that easy, at least it looks like it should be. However, developing and maintaining a productive lifestyle can be incredibly challenging.

Luckily, Fast Company has talked with 32 of the world’s top designers to learn their secrets to a successful and productive career.

Below are just a few of my favorites, but be sure to check out the entire article to see the plethora of productivity knowledge.


Every morning when I wake up, I ask myself, ‘What task is causing me the most anxiety?’ Sometimes, it’s an easy answer since it’s been keeping me up all night, but sometimes I need to think deeply. My strategy is to start the day by tackling the thing that generates the greatest stress. After having completed the most stressful task of the day, I get a huge burst of energy and my creativity and productivity soars —Joanna Berzowska, head of electronic textiles, OMsignal


I found breaking down big goals into smaller tasks to be the best way for me to get things done. I can make small progress and knock off these bite-size tasks whenever I have a moment. —Jannie Lai, head of UX, Light


A tool I picked up from the Seanwes podcast: if you have hankerings to Facebook, tweet, etc., just write it down instead on a piece of paper. I wonder if our brains have these little nervous ticks of energy that need to come out but don’t have to take up so much time and attention. This is also why I’ll sketch or doodle—it’s a brain dump. That’s good. It unloads while forcing you to pay attention. —David Schwartz, Argo Design

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