A marketing plan is a must have if you want to run a successful freelance business.

Regardless of if you’ve written an extremely detailed or a simple one-page plan, it’s important that you just have something.

But what do you do if your marketing plan isn’t working?

Do you abandon it and try something else? Do you keep going hoping things will turn around?

If you find yourself wondering if your marketing plan isn’t working, run these 3 tests and you’ll have a better idea of if the problem is with your marketing strategy or yourself.

“1. You’re doing the right thing, but you’re doing it badly.

Imagine for a moment that it wasn’t you who was engaging in this particular marketing activity, but someone else that you were paying fair market wages to do the same job. Six months ago you handed it off to them, said “Go get ‘em, tiger”, and sent them on their way.

Now, let’s also imagine that today you came back and reviewed their last six months of effort (which is equal to YOUR last six months of effort) on that particular marketing front. Keep in mind you’ve been cutting payroll checks for them for 24 weeks by now.

Would you consider what they’ve been doing to be worth the money? Or would you kind of throw up a little and think “Oh my God, I’m PAYING for this?””

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