In any profession, productivity is a huge deal. However, I would confidently argue that it’s even more important for freelancers.

If you’re working a salaried job, you’ll still be paid the same amount for a less productive day as you would for a very productive day.

Unfortunately, freelancers don’t have that luxury. If you have an unproductive day, then you’re losing money.

That’s why you should always be looking for ways to increase your productivity and streamline your workflow.

Fizzle has a great article that lists a few new tricks that you should be using to have a more productive day.

I’ve got to say that while trick #1 seems like it might get slightly annoying, it’s an extremely interesting idea and is one that I plan on trying out very soon.

1. One song, again and again

In his interview with Tim Ferriss, Matt Mullenweg (basically, the CEO of the internet) talked about this little music trick he uses:

  1. Find a song you like.
  2. Play it over and over on repeat while you work.

He talked about the way a song can kind of turn into background noise when you do this.


Now, I’m used to the idea of music being in the background. I’ve always worked with music on. But it’s always been a particular kind of music: music without lyrics.

Why? Because the lyrics are distracting. I start thinking about the lyrics, pausing to research things about the band, when the song was released, etc. This is ANTI productive.

This single song over and over again trick, however, is much different.

See why trick #1 works and check out the other 2 productivity tricks at Fizzle.