One huge benefit (or possible drawback) of freelancing is that you have a lot of freedom.

With all of that freedom comes the potential to form some bad habits.

Since you don’t have a boss over your shoulder, you’re free to work as little or as much as you want. For freelancers, it’s most likely the latter of the two.

While working a lot can greatly grow your business, it also puts you in danger of becoming burned out too fast.

Because of that, having an all work and no play attitude is one habit that freelancers must break.

1. All work, no play

Stagger over to the nearest mirror. How you lookin’, my friend? Tired? Haggard? Underfed?

When was the last time you got a good night’s sleep, or did something really fun? When did you last unplug from work?

Listen, most freelancers are prone to being workaholics; it’s just part of the archetypical lifestyle.

But working yourself to near-burnout over and over and over again eventually takes its toll; at some point, your body or your brain will revolt, and you will, probably in fact… burn out.

Even if you escape a meltdown for an inordinate amount of time, you’ll become a humorless stressball – and your work will suffer for it.

Make time for play, even in small increments.  Engage in silly, relaxing activities. Try to take care of yourself physically and mentally.

Build in room for family, friends, and fulfilling hobbies. Let your brain decompress.

You do your freelancing AND your life no favors when you work, work, work with no relief.”

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