When you first start freelancing, it’s important to focus on finding and landing clients.

As time goes on, the realities of running a business can begin to set in. You need money to maintain your freelance business and continue doing what you love.

However, making more money isn’t easy and while it most likely won’t happen overnight, there are some measures you can take to reduce your spending allowing you to make more off of each project.

If you want to make more money, you need to start cutting costs.

“3) Get brutal: cut costs left, right AND centre

Be frugal with every cent (if you’re not already) and get brutal. I used sign up to different things like courses and subscriptions, login for a few months then forget all about them. Big mistake!

I now assess all our recurring payments on a weekly basis when my bookkeeper sends me our Thursday wrap up report. Every single recurring subscription is listed and if we ain’t using it, it gets scrapped that very day.”

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