Landing one big client is something that nearly all freelancers strive for.

That one client can provide a lot of security through their consistent work that often lasts long-term.

However, if you want to land that big client, you need to be able to show them that you are the right choice.

You can’t just contact them one day and expect them to immediately want to hire you. You must spend time researching the company, looking at their competitors, networking with other freelancers, and be extremely knowledgeable in your craft.

Above all though, if you want to land that one BIG client, you must have experience.

Get some experience first

It’s pretty hard to approach a big-time client and ask for a freelance gig without any real work to show for yourself. Try freelancing part-time for a little while and, once you have some great portfolio pieces, polish up your collection of work and take it to a big client.

If you can’t find enough work to generate a killer portfolio, do case studies. Redesign web sites for companies you wish you could freelance for.

Some designers choose to work for an agency for a few years in order to get some great design experience on their side.

Whatever you choose to do, do it well and do it quickly. The more expertise and experience you can show when approaching big clients, the better.”

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