Would you rather have a lot of low paying clients or a few high paying ones?

While it is necessary to diversify your income through multiple clients and different avenues, having a few extremely profitable clients adds a great sense of security to any freelancing business.

The problem lies in actually identifying those clients.

Luckily, Tuts+ has put together a great guide that will help you recognize the profitable clients and it all starts with looking back at your past clients.

“Take a Long, Hard Look at Your Clients

Start by evaluating the most recent clients you’ve worked with. This will help you identify if there’s a type of client you tend to attract, and you can figure out how these types of clients are affecting your career and profitability. You can use the accompanying worksheet to do this exercise.

If you work with more than a dozen clients a year, just list down your past 10 clients.

If you’ve redesigned a website for a local bank, then that would fall under “finance”, or if you develop in-house apps for shops, then your clients might fall under “retail”. If your clients are individuals rather than businesses, think about the industry or field you enter when you work with them. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, you can write down “Weddings”.”

Check out the full guide at Tuts+.