Constantly searching for new freelance clients can be very tiring.

If you can use inbound marketing to attract clients, you’ll be able to spend more time actually working on projects instead of chasing after clients.

Think about it: less time looking for clients + more work + more time available to do aforementioned work = more money for you.

With those benefits alone, why wouldn’t you want to use inbound marketing?

The fantastic thing is that you don’t have to come up with an elaborate inbound marketing plan.

Sometimes, all it takes to land your first inbound client is just a few words.

“How I Landed My First Inbound Client

My career as a freelance writer started by accident, all because of inbound marketing.

When I set out to make money online, I started by writing free content for blogs. Back in those days I never mentioned that I was a freelance writer, but my work was spotted by an editor who asked me to write for his publication. He offered to pay for my work. And so my business began.

I quickly realized that visibility played a huge part in generating inbound leads.

Having my name included in the byline of each article I wrote helped. But when I put the words “Freelance Writer” next to my name wherever I was active on the internet — social media profiles, forums, my biography, even on the homepage of my website — the trickle of inbound business leads I received turned into a steady flow.

Those two little words helped to jump start my new business. Now, five years later, while I still apply to the occasional ad that interests me, the vast majority of my client base continues to come to me.”

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