I’m sure we’ve all been there.

Maybe the client needs something completed ASAP or maybe you’ve put it off until the last minute, but regardless of the reason, you’re in a rush to get work done.

The way in which you handle the situation will determine whether or not you’re able to get the work done in time.

Freelancers Union shows us a few different methods that you can use to help you meet the deadline.

2.) Trim the fat

Are there any other tasks you need to do within this timeline – and can you put any of them off?

When we’re really pressed for time, it can feel like every task is equally important – it’s part and parcel of getting overwhelmed.

But odds are something in your life can wait. That bathtub can stay dirty for 24 hours, your friend will forgive you for cancelling a coffee date, and your laundry will not burst into flames because it is left undone.

When I’m really pressed, I tend to outsource minor chores like laundry (hello, drop-off service) or food prep (hello, delivery man).”

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