My first couple of freelance clients were either family friends or people that I had known for a long time.

When I had an opportunity to work with them, there really wasn’t any convincing that I had to do; they just wanted to go ahead and hire me.

It wasn’t until my first big freelance job that I truly realized I needed to fight for my clients.

It’s important to remember that getting your first freelance client isn’t easy, but you have to continue to push forward knowing that what lies ahead will be well worth the struggle.

“Do whatever you can to get them on board.

You owe it to everyone who comes your way.

As a result, your clients will truly love you, and you’ll get more of them. After it’s all said and done and the dust settles they’ll see that you fought for them, and they’ll appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.

The thing is, this never ends. Business is always a scrap. You have to hustle for everything.”

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