Properly managing your time can be one of the biggest challenges freelancers face.

In order to build and maintain a successful business, you must know how to manage your schedule in a way that works for you but still increases productivity.

“Time Management for Creative People” by Mark McGuiness is a completely free ebook that will help increase the efficiency of your workflow by bettering your time management skills.

“The ebook has been downloaded over 100,000 times, and I’ve received enthusiastic feedback from people all over the world who tell me it’s transformed their working habits and helped them achieve their artistic and professional goals.

It’s full of practical advice for creatives, including:

  • Finding the method in your creative madness
  • Identifying and prioritising your most important work
  • Getting in the right state of mind for focused work
  • How to minimise interruptions and distractions
  • Managing e-mail effectively
  • How to remember — and fulfil — all your important commitments”

Click here to download Time Management for Creative People by Mark McGuiness.