Maintaining high levels of creativity is necessary in order to continue producing content for your clients and yourself (which pays the bills.)

Sometimes though, you’re just not feeling creative…at all.

Creative slumps are the absolute worst and can be extremely discouraging.

However, there are certain ways that you can boost your creativity.

Freelancers Union has a great list of 8 different methods you can use to be more creative.

Sometimes it as simple as being in a good mood.

“1. Be in a good mood.

Bad news, suffering artists–your misery isn’t making you more creative. A positive mood primes the brain for taking creative risks and exploring new ideas.

2. Seek wide open spaces.

Cramped spaces yield cramped thought processes. Go for a walk or angle your desk towards a window to start thinking big.”

Check out the other 6 tips at Freelancers Union.