So you’ve decided that you want to freelance full-time, but want to slowly transition into it. That’s great!

Transitioning into a full-time freelance position is an extremely smart way to go.

You allow yourself to maintain the security of a steady paycheck from a 9-5 job while still being able to branch out and get your feet wet in freelance work.

Guerrilla Freelancing has some awesome tips to help you make the transition as smooth as possible. Tip#5 is a crucial part of the transitional period and the key to building your successful freelance business.

“5. Build your brand

When freelancing, your professional profile is more important than ever. Get yourself out there, set up profiles of social networks relevant to your industry and get your voice heard – participate in discussions, show your expertise, help others solve problems and add value to the online community.

A great way for boosting your reputation is running a blog – excellent not only for showcasing your knowledge but also building new connections with potential partners, clients and other professionals who share your mindset and work in the same industry.”

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