Being able to find freelance clients is only half the battle, you need to be able to write a fantastic proposal that will seal the deal.

However, many freelancers unknowingly make several mistakes when writing and sending their proposals that in turn, make it difficult for their client to say “yes.”

By taking a look at the most common proposal mistakes that freelancers make, you can make the necessary adjustments to your business to prevent yourself from making those same mistakes.

Ryan Robinson has written an amazing article that will help you recognize and avoid some of the most common mistakes that freelancers make. The first mistake on the list is one that myself and several other freelancers make and can lead to a potential client walking away.

1. Using the Wrong Medium.

Is your proposal delivery method causing your client to do more work?

Closing freelance contracts is all about getting your potential clients excited for the results you can deliver, and reducing the friction between sending your proposal and getting it signed. The less work it takes to accept your proposal, the more contracts you’ll close.

If you’re sending your client a freelance proposal in the form of a word document, they’ll need to print it out, sign it, scan it to their computer, and then email it back to you. By taking this outdated route, you’re effectively creating multiple needless barriers to getting a quick yes. Something this simple can make the difference between a client choosing to go with another freelancer who’s using a less time-intensive solution.”

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