Freelancing is full of unknowns and those unknowns can be extremely scary.

Instead of letting that fear control you, it’s important that you conquer it instead.

Figuring out exactly how to conquer it is where things can get tough.

That’s why I love this article from Leaving Work Behind. They do a fantastic job of giving you 5 real ways that you can conquer your freelancing fears.

One great way is to publicly declare that you’re doing something that scares you.

2. Publicly Declare What You Want to Accomplish

I publish my income reports for a few reasons. One is that I learned a ton from reading other people’s. Another is that it allows me to be transparent in my online business practices. And lastly, it holds me publicly accountable to my goals.

You don’t have to publish an income report or your own monthly goals to your blog, but sharing them in a Facebook group or via another social media platform can be equally as powerful.

Shoot, just writing them down and placing them somewhere visible is extremely helpful. Add your monthly goal to your computer as your screensaver, pin it to the corkboard above your desk or tape it to the fridge. Do what you have to do to declare it and make it so you can see it often.”

Check out the other 4 ways at Leaving Work Behind.