Freelancing is not an easy or a secure job.

There are several unknowns that can cause a crippling anxiety if left unchecked.

Often times, feeling isolated is a common cause of anxiety among freelancers.

Whether you want to seek some advice on a current project or just talk with others about freelancing, a community of freelancers may be just what you need if you feel like you’re going at it all alone.

5. Join a community of other freelancers

Sure, it still feels like a 9-to-5 world, but with a growing population of 53 million freelancers, the tide is changing.

Connecting with people who really get my day to day makes me feel less like a weird, alien aberration and more like part of a special set of cool people.

My freelance friends are diverse, interesting, passionate …and also plagued with the same freelance anxieties I face every day. Hanging with them is like a cross between #squadlife and a support group.”

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