Chances are that you’ve made a mistake (or two) if you’ve been freelancing for any time at all.

Regardless of if it’s a little or a big mistake, the fact still remains that mistakes do not grow your business.

Some mistakes can be dealt with, while others can be detrimental to a business.

One mistake that many freelancers make is not staying in contact with past clients.

2. You Lose Touch with Former Clients

Getting the client is the hard part.

You hear that all the time from marketing gurus. And you probably know it from firsthand experience. It can take a lot of determination and hustle early on.

So why do so many of us land the client, finish the project, and then just let the relationship fizzle?

This is maddening. It’s probably cost me more than any other mistakes I listed. And it’s so easy to avoid… as long as you’re mindful.

When was the last time you emailed a former client and just said hi?

When I ran into a rough patch about six months ago – the feast or famine problem freelancers tend to face – I realized my answer to that question was “never.””

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